Over the last few years, the use of cell phones has sky-rocketed, while the use of home land-lines has slowly declined.  The primary reason for people to disconnect their land lines is cost.

While in training in the late 80’s and early 90’s, I remember paying $0.20 per minute for a long distance call.  With competition, these prices dropped to around $0,05 per minute, which I thought was quite cheap at the time.

A few years ago, phone companies started offering “free unlimited long distance calling”.  Currently, such packages are offered at a rate of $25-$35 per month, which seemed attractive at the time.

Around 2009, the internet matured to the point of being able to make phone calls easily thru the internet.  Such services are called “VOIP” (pronounced “voyp”).  Initially these services were a bit choppy, difficult to set up, and had to be connected to a computer.  Basically, such services were not mainstream.

Over the last 2 years, VOIP technology has matured considerably, with strong competition.  So, advancing technology with a healthy competition means the end consumer wins with lower costs while receiving better service.

As a self-described technology nut, I have been looking for a quality VOIP service for my home.  A few months ago, after doing quite a bit of research, I stumbled upon Vestalink.  This company offers 2 phone lines with a new account, for a price that is very difficult to match or beat.  We have been using this service since early 2014, and have been very pleased with their service.

A new search for VOIP providers in early September 2014 yielded about 30 or 40 providers, but amazingly, none of them could beat Vestalink’s prices (as of late September).

As I mentioned above, most people disconnect their land line due to high prices.  When you look at Vestalink’s prices, you will see that you can get 2 lines for under $6 per month !!

At such low prices, a land line is once again a cost effective option.

To check out Vestalink and their prices, click on this link.