Services We Provide

  • Our office provides the full range of Neurological Services. We offer Consultations (both in the office as an out-patient, as well as in the hospital as an in-patient), evaluate Work Injuries, perform Independent Medical Evaluations, Medical-Legal Opinions, and Records Review.
  • We also offer Comprehensive Diagnostic Testing, Therapeutic Botox, and the full range of treatment options for your neurological condition.
  • We also offer state of the art, “Hi-Tech” neurological treatment options, including Deep Brain Stimulation and Vagal Nerve Stimulation.
  • We are involved in few research trials. If you qualify for one of these trials, you may be eligible for research medications through our office.

Neurologic Consultations

Out-patient, Office Consultations Dr. Athni is available for detailed Neurologic Consultations in our office. During your initial visit, we will do a detailed Neurologial history and physical exam. If a firm diagnosis can be made during the initial visit, we will set forth a treatment plan. If additional testing is … Continue reading

Work Injury – Work Comp

General Work Injury Policies We evaluate and treat a full range of work injuries. We understand the full breadth of the rules and regulations set forth by the Georgia State Board of Workers’ Compensation (SBWC). Prior to each work-injury office visit, we will verify work-comp coverage and obtain a written … Continue reading

IME – Independent Medical Examinations

WHAT is an IME? An Independent Medical Exam, commonly referred to as an “IME”, is a legal evaluation, usually requested by an insurance company, attorney, or some other involved 3rd party. These evaluations are strictly confidential, and the records are NOT released to any other requesting party. As an IME … Continue reading

Records Review

If an insurance company or attorney is involved in a legal case which requires a Neurological opinion, we will be happy to review the records and answer any pending questions. The Medical Records Review will be purely objective, regardless of who is requesting the Records Review.   After the Records … Continue reading

VNS – Vagal Nerve Stimulation

What is Vagal Nerve Stimulation? Vagal Nerve Stimulation, or VNS, is a therapeutic option available for patients with uncontrolled seizures. The procedure is an “adjunct” to seizure medications, not a full replacement for medications. What is involved with “VNS”? If you have a seizure disorder, which is hard to control … Continue reading

DBS – Deep Brain Stimulation

What is Deep Brain Stimulation? Deep Brain Stimulation, or DBS, is a treatment option used for various types of Movement Disorders. The procedure has been very successfully used in patients with Parkinson’s Disease or Essential Tremors. The procedure is an “adjunct” to medications, not a full replacement for medications. What … Continue reading

Botox – Botulinum Toxin Injections

What is “Botox”? Botulinum toxin (B. toxin) is a “neuro toxin” which paralyzes any muscle it comes in contact with. When used as a medication, B. toxin is very powerful, and must be given by specially trained physicians. There are a few different companies which manufacture B. toxin, each under … Continue reading


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