Diagnostic Tests

  • Our office provides a full range of neurologic diagnostic tests.
  • Typically, these tests are ordered by Dr. Athni as part of the Neurology Diagnostic Evaluation.
  • Please click on the sub-menu items above to learn more about the various diagnostic tests we offer and perform in the office.

Scheduling of Diagnostic Tests

  •  We perform EMG-NCS studies, Autonomic testing, and Neuropsychology testing daily, based on scheduling availability.
  • We perform Cardiac Ultrasounds, Carotid Doppler studies, and Peripheral Vascular testing on Monday afternoons.
  • We perform VNG testing on Thursday mornings.
  • We perform EEG testing on Thursday mornings.


What is an EMG-NCS test? An EMG-NCS, also known as “Electromyography and Nerve Conduction Tests”, is a test of the nerves and muscles of your arms / legs. The EMG/NCS study examines the integrity of the peripheral nerves and muscles of the body. The study does NOT examine the brain … Continue reading

EEG – Electroencephalogram

What is an Electroencephalogram (EEG)? An Electroencephalogram or EEG is a diagnostic test which examines the “brain waves”, using electrodes placed on the scalp. These electrodes are connected to a computer, which records your brain waves. Are there different types of EEG studies? We offer 2 different types of EEG: … Continue reading

Diagnostic Cardiovascular Ultrasound

Is the office “Accredited”? Our office Ultrasound Lab is accredited by the American College of Radiology (ACR). Such an accreditation implies that we meet a high standard of proficiency in performing these tests, by qualified and certified technicians. Our office is the only Neurology office in Middle Georgia to be … Continue reading

NT – NeuroTrax Cognitive Test

What is a “NeuroTrax” Test? A NeuroTrax test is a computerized test to assess whether you have any cognitive impairment caused by your medical / neurological conditions. It is an office based NeuroPsychology test. How is it performed? The test is performed on a computer, although you do NOT have … Continue reading

ANS – Autonomic Nervous System Test

What is the “Autonomic Nervous System” (“ANS”) ? Your autonomic nervous system (ANS) is the part of your nervous system that functions to sustain your life by controlling your heart, lungs, digestive system, blood pressure, immune system, certain of your reflexes, fluid balance, pupil diameter, sweating, and sexual function. There … Continue reading

VNG – Videonystagmogram

What is a Videonystagmogram (VNG)? A Videonsytagmogram, or VNG, is a diagnostic test used to evaluate any balance difficulties or dizziness you may have. How is it performed? The test is performed in the office, by a registered Audiologist. You will be wearing “goggles” during test, which will allow us … Continue reading


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