Medication Refills

What medications will be refilled?

  • Our office will only refill those medications we have prescribed, and only if you are an active patient in our practice.

How many refills will be prescribed?

  • During your office visit, we will try to prescribe medications with enough refills to last you until your next office visit.
  • If you cancel your follow up appointment, we will NOT refill your medications until you are re-evaluated by Dr. Athni.
  • If you choose not to re-schedule your appointment, you should consider obtaining all further refills thru your primary care physician.

How are refills processed??

  • We normally refill medications during the office visit.
  • But, if you happen to run out of medications prior to your office visit, we request that your pharmacy “fax” us a request or send an “electronic request” for refills.
  • Once verified, we will send your refill thru “eRx”, which is an electronic prescription service via the internet.
  • The eRx system minimizes human error, and reduces prescription filling time.
  • Once we send an eRx prescription, an eRx is typically processed and filled within 1 hour by most pharmacies.

“Calling in” prescriptions

  • To minimize errors, we will NOT “call in” a refill medications.
  • If your pharmacy does not accept electronic prescriptions, we will give you a hand-written prescription during your office visit for you to hand-carry or mail to your pharmacy.

Narcotics Pain Medications and Controlled Medications

  • Many pain medications are “controlled” and monitored by the DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency) to minimize fraud and abuse.
  • We will NOT prescribe or refill any controlled narcotic pain medications.
  • We WILL prescribed non-narcotic, controlled medications.  These medications will ONLY be refilled during a face-to-face office visit.

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